In the Palace of Ashur-Ban-i-Pal, King of Hosts

I. δημιουργός 

He labors for the public and for the Earth. 
From the kosmos bore He the Cosmos itself:
God’s gift is God Itself! Himself overflowing!
The World was built by Reason, not hands, 
 says Hermes to Tat - neither god
 nor man, discussing God & Man.

It’s players’ fate - so as His Will Authored.
Neither Fire nor Water, Air nor Breath being;
The Vengeance for the builders of Stone & Tree;
Adorned & consecrated Likeness & Unlikeness.

Algerian in this, the Source & Root of All Self:
One Begotten, Unbegotten, Ever-Begetting All.

Forget to take, remember to give, so to make:
For the Creator is Cause, is Will, is Energy.

II, γυνοικιαι

Marble & Brass, Brick & Stone, two pillars
discovered by Enoch’s heir - Peter Gower.

III. ἀναλογία

Governed by Masters & Wardens, all hele; Hail 
- To the dog, to the hare, to the wind we return.
It’s symmetry - our Psyche - says Ionian Teacher.
There is only the Supreme Mind through & through.
May you and I now pray for no Self but an Other -
For what of Want do I Know beyond pale, dim sight?

IV. Πεδάνιος Διοσκουρίδης

Kills the Red flour beetle; disallows spirits entry.
A weel hung tongue! In the bone box! Speak ye!